Nicaragua Team Visit

On Friday, our missionaries in Nicaragua, Jeff & Elizabeth Hughes with Amigos For Christ, will be in Wilmington for a 10 day visit.  They will be bringing five of the Amigos staff with them to personally thank Lifepoint for their continued support, share their vision, and raise support for their mission.  

Lifepoint has been partnering with Amigos for Christ since 2014 through short-term mission trips and financial support.  Amigos for Christ exists to serve God and to inspire others to do the same.  They feel that, through service, they can create opportunities for growth, both for those who serve and those who are being served.  They do this by promoting rural development in the areas of water and sanitation, health care, education and nutrition, small business, and community development.  To date, Lifepoint has sent over 180 people to Nicaragua to serve on week-long mission trips to help build a school, dig ditches for water and sewer, and countless other projects.  In addition, these experiences have impacted the spiritual growth of our short-term missionaries.

As a church, we have the opportunity to welcome them and show our love for all they do to point others to Jesus.  The team will be staying in host homes, and we want to make sure they are fed some delicious meals during their stay and experience some fun tourist activity too!  If you are able to provide a meal to their host home or sponsor a tourist activity, please sign up at the link below.  Please note that freezer meals, deli trays, breakfast casseroles, gift certificates, etc are acceptable and appreciated!

Sign-up here!

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