Nicaragua Trip - August 2016

There's nothing quite like a week in Nicaragua with LIfepoint!

Lifepoint has been and is continuing to be a part of changing lives in Nicaragua. Teams have tirelessly picked and shoveled dirt in the communities surrounding Chinandega, and other rural parts of Nicaragua allowing many communities to connect their water system to their new well. Lifepoint has been a part of building new water systems, schools, modern kitchens, and sanitary bathrooms.  The work in Nicaragua is messy, hard, and tiring, but through all the sweat and toil, you come alive.

You come alive in the little moments like running fearlessly down the volcano Cerro Negro, dancing the Cupid Shuffle or playing a game of ping-pong. You will come alive when you share the home of locals and make homemade tortillas. You come alive when you laughed and learn with a new friend, realizing that no matter the language barrier, a smile speaks to the soul.

Together, we will sweat, laugh, and take a million pictures. And together we will show the community of La Chuscada and other rural areas of Nicaragua that not only does their school or water system matter, but their community, education, future, and lives matter.

- Trip dates are August 13-20th (don't worry public school starts back on the 29th)
- Trip cost is $1350
- Deposit for this trip is $250 due by May 1st and holds your slot.
- We are partnering with Amigos for Christ and you can check out their website at

Email any questions to and if you're ready you can sign-up here.

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