Uganda Team Update #1 - June 2017

Storms and bad weather in Washington, DC on Monday, June 19th caused us to miss our flight from Washington Dulles International Airport to Brussels.  We had a one hour and twenty five minute delay that made us arrive about 20 minutes prior to departure of our flight to Brussels.  Even though we had landed, United Airlines would not hold the plane for us.  This caused us to start to scramble to find another flight for 24 people.  With all of the delays the airport was filled with a lot of unhappy and angry passengers.  We have limited options and spent hours working with United Airlines to get us the next available flight.  We were hopefully that we would be able to leave the next day, Tuesday.  After several of us spent the night at the airport trying to get a flight, we were told that we could get 15 of us out the next day.  That left 9 of us without a flight.  Our teams spirits stayed high and we got a chance to bond.  None of us had access to our luggage so we pretty much had what we were wearing.  As Tuesday morning became Tuesday afternoon, we still did not have confirmed flights.  

At about 4:00 Tuesday afternoon, we also were told that the 15 seats we were told we had was incorrect.  Now we found ourselves without any seats on any plane.  Our team continued to pray and kept their spirits up by playing games in the airport lobby.  Finally a break through around 5:00 Tuesday when we were able to secure seats on Ethiopian Airlines.  That is the same airlines that we had so much problem with and said we would ever use them again.  God sure has a way of humbling us.  

We leave today, Wednesday, at 11:00 and arrive in Entebbe tomorrow, Thursday at 12:15 PM.  It will make for a long day but after making some schedule adjustments, we really only lose one day of ministry work. With all the adversity we have had so far, we know that God has great plans for this Team.

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