Uganda Team Update #2 - June 2016

Our day in Kampala began with devotionals with the staff and volunteers of Sports Outreach. We had the privilege to praise God and hear the Word with our brothers and sisters. After that, we divided into small groups and toured the grounds of SOM. It was amazing to see the work that has been accomplished thus far and to hear about future plans for the campus. We then had the privilege to spend a few hours alongside our friends digging out the areas surrounding two of their buildings to prepare for drainage pipes to be laid. Let's just say that our Crossfit group members found a new workout today: the Pick, Hoe and Shovel. We were blessed to have the staff and volunteers provide us a wonderful lunch of pizza, pineapple, and chapati.

During the afternoon, our groups separated and went into different slums in Kampala. Our group got to visit the site where Sports Outreach began. We were met by so many young children when we arrived. They danced when they first saw us and then ran to give us hugs and hold our hands. It was heart-breaking to see them living in such unsanitary conditions. Despite their circumstances, these children were filled with joy and just wanted to be loved. The ministry of Sports Outreach is giving these children hope and a chance at a life beyond the slums. It was heart-breaking to leave the children as they were. Many in our group walked away in tears... wanting to be able to do more for these kids.

We then had the privilege to speak to the soccer players from the area and share our testimonies and encourage them in seeking the Lord. It was amazing to watch these boys of various ages come together in the name of Jesus before getting on the soccer field. God is moving in that slum in a way that is beyond explanation. These kids are learning about Jesus and learning that there is hope for them beyond the walls of slum life. What a thing to experience today! All praise and honor to God!

- Jessica Embry

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