Uganda Team Update #3 - June 2016

What does a forecasted 2 hour bus ride in African time equate to in American time?  6 hours!  No need to feel bad for the team, the hours were filled with lots of corny bus games and belly laughs.  We jumped off the bus to take a quick look at the Nile River as we crossed from southern Uganda to the northern part of the country. Several baboons escorted the bus on the northern side of the bridge and a large one tried to steal Pastor Jeff's peanut butter and jelly sandwich through the window.  The sandwich and all of us made it safely through the journey!  

After a quick stop to check into the hotel, we went to Koro Farm to visit with Pastor Aloysius and his team.  Words cannot describe the welcome we received!!  Dozens of Ugandans danced into the chapel, singing and pouring out their love for Lifepoint church.  They also surprised Aaron with a birthday party!  The men picked him up and carried him around the room, the women presented him with a crown and delicious birthday cake and a special present--a goat! (And the goat had a Chick Fil A collar with the mascot and slogan.   Priceless!)

Pastor Aloysius and his team described the history of Sports Outreach Ministry dating back to 1998 and specifically its presence and growth in the northern area since 2005.  SOM along with partners such as Lifepoint provide trauma counseling, farming education, public health and child education, as well as church ministry in the region.  Beginning with the trauma counseling and the agricultural training and progressing through all of the ministries, they see lives being transformed and getting better everyday.  The work leads to people crying out for salvation and coming to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

We came here to give but today we received an outpouring of love and gratitude from our brothers and sisters in Christ.  The children's song today "Let your light shine" will lift our hearts as we prepare for the crusade which begins tomorrow.

- Amy Ray

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