Uganda Team Update #5 - June 2016

Today began with our morning breakfast devotional routine. It was perfect fuel to gear us up for the incredible day ahead of us. We boarded the bus and headed for home visits. Being welcomed into the homes of the families of Lagutu creates a humble heart as a thin reed mat is rolled out for our seats and we realize this is all the family has to sleep on. We listen to their stories and hear their hearts and have a window into their souls. Their life is hard and prayer is a way of life change in this village. Our team prayed over many families and will take their stories in our hearts wherever we go. Finishing our homes visits we walked to Lagutu and was once again greeted so beautifully by our Lagutu family thru a special dance. I'm sure our team entertained everyone with their interpretations of African dance! Pastor Jeff may have taught them a move or two!

    Thanks to Lifepoint's amazing generous  heart, a new much needed latrine has been built and was dedicated today! It's incredible to see the growth of the village and watch God move and provide over and over again.

    The 2nd day of VBS was awesome. Watching these kids be so excited to learn about Jesus in a way they not only understand but is new and fun to them is incredible. Their joy bubbles over through smiles and laughs that have been hidden for so long. They bring so much energy and simply desire to be around you and hold your hand. It's such a simple beautiful expression of love.

    Later, Pastor Jeff brought the WORD in our 2nd day of Revival at the village of Awach. What a move of God to be able to break such huge barriers of language and culture but the Word of God knows no boundaries!! Chains were broken, lives were SAVED!!! Freedom was in that place. God was in that place and was welcomed with astounding praise and worship!!!

Hallelujah! Amen!!

- Mary Cato

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