Uganda Team Update #6 - June 2016

Today was another amazing day in Uganda with people who have a real craving for God. This morning the team woke up bright and early and dove into our morning devotion, today's being about listening when God calls us to do something and actually having the faith or the courage to do whatever it is He is calling us to do. This trip, I believe, has been a huge step for all of us in doing so, and the day that followed only proved this more.

Our team took part in a medical clinic placed in La Gutu where hundreds of men, women, and children of all ages came from different villages and fought heavy rain (and a little bit of chaos) in order to receive care that we could get in America in minutes. It was very overwhelming to witness so many children with high fevers and adults whose bodies were so fraile. However, each person came as patient as the next and received prayer and medication. It was such a blessing getting to work together as a team and being able to gain a new perspective of life from all of the people that we met.

This fresh perspective combined with a little more rain made for another amazing night at the crusade in Awac. Tonight we got to watch people who live on the opposite side of the world, who speak a complete different language, but who worship the same God as us volunteer and interact with Pastor Jeff while he preached as well as sing along in worship with Pastor Daniel. This for me is such a huge reminder of how big our God is.

After an equally sleepy and stormy bus ride back to the hotel, we ate and spoke together as a team as we have done every night in Uganda. We shared things that brought our little family closer and reminded us of how powerful and needed Gods love is. I am so thankful for these experiences and for these amazing people who listened when God called them to go on this trip. Mostly, I'm very thankful to have a God that loves us so much that he made it happen.

- Kelsey Kinnett

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