Uganda Tem Update #7 - June 2016

Today was our last day in Gulu and Lagutu. We started our day with a devotional about worshiping as a single body regardless of language, traditions, or expectations. As we arrived in Lagutu we walked right into a church service in the newly named Lifepoint Lagutu Community Center. The service was wonderful! Worship from the choir as well as our own Pastor Daniel was impactful and moving. Judith, a staff member of Sports Outreach, even said that we do not worship like white people but with the passion of Africans. Pastor Jeff brought a timely word for the community. He taught about what it means to live at the life point. The life point is where our love for God intersects our love for others. Two people gave their lives to Christ!

We closed out our time in Lagutu with two house visits. Both families had stories that broke our hearts. One family had a grandmother raising her orphaned granddaughter who was currently separated from her sister. The second home was a mama leading her family of three after the death of a husband and a separation from a second marriage. Though these women were trying to care for their families in the midst of turmoil, they both had hope in their eyes as we prayed over them. The joy in the children and the hope in the mamas eyes gave our team faith that God will provide for them and that next year when we visit they will have wonderful stories to tell of Gods grace.

We returned to the hotel for lunch and an hour of rest before heading out to the last night of the crusade. Tonight we worshiped as one body of believers with those in Awac. Pastor brought another strong word, his fifth message this week. We were given the opportunity to pray over those who had a burden and then immediately heard a testimony of a man who was healed of back pain from the prayers. We also were able to hear a testimony from Irene, a woman we prayed for on Friday, of all the ways that the crusade, our Pastors, our team, and most importantly our God have impacted her life.

At debriefing tonight we prayed for the Sports Outreach team as it will be our last time seeing some of them. We said sad goodbyes and some people promised they were only "see you laters". This final day in this beautiful and welcoming place has been emotional. Many of us feel we are saying goodbye to our new second home. Tonight as we gear up for a day of adventure ahead we reflect and thank God we were able to spend these last four days with the amazing people of Lagutu and Awac.

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