Uganda Team Update #1 - June 2016

Although we are here, our trip has not been easy.  We left Lifepoint Church at 12:00 on Saturday night by bus to RDU and when we got near Burgaw, the bus died on us.  After a lot of prayer and telephone calls by our driver to his dispatcher, he was able to get the bus running again. This had to be a God thing because I do not think there would have been enough time to send another bus and get us to the airport on time.  Our flight to Dulles Airport in Washington, DC went fine.  We then had a 13 hour flight to Ethopia.  Thirteen hours on a plane is a long time and we arrived in Ethiopia with a lot of tired people.  Our flight from Entebbe was delayed only making our trip longer.  We arrived at Entebbe Airport at about 2:00 PM our time, meet our friends from Uganda and loaded the bus for our hotel.  We just out of the airport when the bus stated having a problem.  It turned out to  the drive shaft so we had to wait about two hours for another bus to come pick us up.  We finally arrived at our hotel at about 5:00.  It was a long 34 hours of travel.

The team is doing fine, a lot of tired people but hopefully they all got a good nights sleep and will be ready to go today, Tuesday.  Today we travel to the SOI new Ministry Center for some work projects and will be visiting five of the slums of Kampala.

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