What's Up With Growth Track?

If you’ve ever played “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” then you know that Kevin Bacon is the center of the Hollywood universe because you really can connect him to any celebrity actor or actress in 6 degrees or less. If you’re disagreeing with me right now, it might be because, you’re just not very good at the game.

Alright, so you may or may not be able to connect Kevin Bacon to any celebrity in 6 degrees of separation, but shouldn’t you be 6 degrees or less to anyone in your church? Don’t get me wrong, God desires a big, magnificent church (Rev. 7:9), but also a connected church (Eph. 4:16). Getting connected is the obvious obstacle for new people as a church gets larger. So how do we keep the relationships developing and growth in Christ something we walk through together? For Lifepoint, that first step is Growth Track.

Growth Track connects people that are new to Lifepoint with the vision of the church, with the path to connect in a small group and/or serving on a team, and with the tools to walk closer with Jesus. We also believe that life change happens in the context of relationships. We’ve seen this belief proven over and over in small groups through the years, so we have decided to do that in our Growth Track. As you walk through Connect 101, Grow 201, and GO 301 you will have a Lifepoint volunteer walking with you. The heart behind Growth Track has always been to see people take next steps in their faith and it just makes sense for all of us to do that together.

At the end of the process, we probably will not play “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon” (or we could because it would be really fun), but it’s my hope that you will be less than 6 degrees from anyone else attending Lifepoint Church and poised to take your next steps to grow closer to Jesus.

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